Wedding Ceremony Services

Same Venue & Area as Reception – $50/additional microphone

– Ceremony and Reception is in the same venue, same area, same set up.
– Charged for additional equipment based on your needs for the ceremony.

Venue Included – $100/hour

– Your Ceremony venue provides speakers, microphones, controller.
– DJ Kreations hooks in laptop and runs the sound mix.

Ceremony Package – $299 – 1 Hour of Service

(same venue but different area or within 15 miles of reception)
– 2 powered speakers.
– Wireless lavaliere microphone for officiate.
– Wireless hand-held microphone for speakers/singers.
– Music programming.
– Coordination with your planner for the entrances to line up with music.
* Additional microphones, musician hook-ups, and services available.
* Mileage fee for over 15 miles may be included.

Custom Ceremony Packages – $Custom

– Powered speakers (based on the amount of guests and size of space)
– Wireless lavaliere microphones for officiates, bride and groom, any other speakers
– Wireless hand-held microphones for speakers/singers
– Music
– Full production
– Full production mix to videographer for recoding
– Venue Lighting