Venue Lighting

As weddings are becoming large productions, many are including full venue lighting, monogram lighting, video playback, and custom production set ups. Should you be considering any or all of these options, we would prefer to visit your venue with you to design your custom package.

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Venue Lighting (up-lighting) –

This is a great way to transform your venue into a spectacular aura of personality. From accent walls to full colorization, DJ Kreations can provide as little or as much as you want. Some special accent areas for small splashes of color include: behind the head table, cake table, under a table, behind the bar, behind the DJ, around the front door, or anywhere else you can imagine.

Controlled – $40 / light + (installed for the entire length of your event)

– Battery operated so no power cords which means you can put these virtually anywhere without being in the way.
– Wireless control from the DJ booth so you can have colors change, chase with the beat of the music when the dancing starts, or flash with each special event.
– Examples would be your static color during dinner, dim white during your first dance, blue or your color during slow dances, and chasing during the dancing to make the entire room a dance floor.


Monogram Lighting – $350 / light

Customized to your style, name, date, or any other details, your gobo will be designed and laser cut specifically to you. In fact, you get to keep the laser cut gobo after your event. You can add your initials to the dance floor, names to a large wall, a design to your wedding cake, and much more.

– Perfect for the wall above the dance floor, head table, flat ceiling, or large dance floor.


Intelligent Lighting – $350 / 2 lights

– Computer controlled and pre-programmed.
– Design/color on walls or ceiling during dinner time.
– Grand Entrance Spotlight.
– Special Dances Spotlight.
– Toasts Spotlight (unless lights are by head table).
– Fun dance party effects.
– Your choice of light color inside truss stand.
– Your choice of covering the truss in white or leaving open (industrial look).